There's nothing more satisfying than knowing you've made a good difference in the life of another. When you work at Digits Mobility, that's exactly what you'll do. In this several years, our purpose has been to help people manage their daily business needs, and also publishing useful information (e.g. Education) for anybody.

By joining us you can make that happen with your self-driven, commitment and passion. For all your hard work, you'll be rewarded with unlimited opportunities to grow professionally and a culture that pays for performance and promotes from within.

We are really sorry, because our several appointed term with our client, we can't give you the screenshots for mobile applications, and games.

Passionate about something good you like
could gives significant impact to everyone.


It is good if we can be trusted with very little
so we may also be trusted with much, be happy with what you have.


Digits Mobility is a subsidiary of Digital Technology Solution. Digits Mobility focuses itself as one of the application developer and gadget store in Indonesia. Digits Mobility was founded in 2010, by Stevanus Djojokusumo as a founder. Since the establishment, Digits Mobility has created many applications and games that are requested by many client in several part of the world. The division of gadget store in Digits Mobility, was founded in 2011, with several team as a start up. We are currently in juvenile state as a brand new division of company, but we believe, we do professional thing. With a broad networkig, we do belive, we will perform well in the market.

We are professional software provider and gadget store with reasonable price and also with great product's quality. As an Applications developer, we have created several applications, that are mainly games and applications. We provide variety range of programming languages, such as Blackberry SDK, iOS SDK, Android SDK, and Windows Phone 7 & 8 SDK. As an integrated and reliable gadget store, we provide great deal to every customer preferences. With broad supplier network, we believe we would give you device that fits you well. We are looking forward to see you soon, happy e-commercing.

We think we really enjoy creating IT Stuff, therefore we encourage people in many events to polish their skills.

We always start from the one Who made the atom...


Feel free to ask us about any stuff, we hope we can help you to answer any problem you face. Please put your name, email, and message so we can help you.




Contact Info

+62 31 738 2928

Ruko Surya Inti Permata A/16, Indonesia